Welcome to Second Grade!

Second grade is definitely the place to be!  In second grade, we explore the world God has created through science where we study vertebrates, invertebrates, habitats, and so much more! We also enjoy exploring our nation’s history starting with pilgrims and going forward to the Revolutionary War. We love learning all about the colonies! In math, we learn double and triple-digit addition and subtraction.  We also dive into multiplication. As we study all these areas, we are learning how God designed all of them to work together in His perfect creation.

We go on three fieldtrips during second grade. We explore the San Diego Safari Park, Riley’s Farm, and we get to go whale watching! These trips perfectly show God’s hand in our world.

Classroom Curriculum

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Ms. Boyer

Ms. Alyssa Boyer joined our staff two years ago and we are elated to have her in our Calvary family. She has taught fifth grade and is currently teaching second grade. Just watch her teach for five minutes and you will see the excitement and passion she has for her students and for education. Ms. Boyer has a Bachelor of Arts from Ashford University and has served in different education realms since 2013 as a behavior respite therapist, an early childhood instructor, a site supervisor for the Think Together program, and an ESL teacher.