Welcome to Jr. High Art!

After elementary art, students have a wide variety of experience with different media, styles, and global art- all leading up to junior high art. Junior high art focuses in on Western art from Greek and Roman up to Realism. Because of the focus on early Western art, projects are focused on life-like precision, creating short term and extended projects that teach them measuring techniques and tools to create accurate portraits, landscapes, and thoughtful compositions. They get the chance to use photography, charcoal, oil paint, and acrylic paint as they work through different eras of Western art history.

Mrs. Willis

Mrs. Brooke Willis is our fabulous art teacher. She has a Bachelor of Arts from Biola University. She is a gifted artist herself and has a deep passion for the arts. She is highly creative and has developed her own art curriculum for our students. In her classroom, students have the opportunity to dive into various mediums and styles of art. It’s been impressive to watch our students grow in their love and appreciation of art and culture. We are so grateful for Mrs. Willis!