Welcome to Elementary Music Enrichment!

​​K-3rd Music Enrichment:

Each new school year commences with the choosing and rehearsing of the K-3rd Christmas Musical. This is an exciting opportunity for all Kindergarten through 3rd grade students to be exposed to performing on a stage and the 3rd graders get the chance for the lead speaking and solo roles! A school-day performance as well as an evening performance caps it off, bringing in tons of Christmas cheer and focusing the students and audience on the Reason for the season.

After Christmas, we commence our studies of a new music composer every month. This “Composer of the Month” program exposes the students to music they may be familiar with by some of the greatest composers in history. Whether it be Beethoven, Mozart, Gershwin, or Tchaikovsky, each student is bound to find something they like that they’ve never heard before! Musical terms, techniques, and exposure to instruments are weaved into the instruction making for a fun learning experience sure to enrich your child musically.


4th-6th Music Enrichment:

In the first half of the school year, our students are exposed and instructed in how to play a musical instrument denoted by their grade: 4th graders learn the recorder, 5th graders learn ukulele, and 6th graders learn classical guitar. The semester is capped off with a short recital in which each of the classes gets to showcase what they have learned in only a few short months. Those who wish to continue after the class concludes can be connected with local music teachers to further their studies.

In the second half of the year, we normally do a Spring musical of a generic theme. Here we build off of the students experience from their lower level performances to bring them more understanding about what it means to be an entertainer on stage while giving the glory to God. 6th graders get the spotlight here as they have the chance to audition for solos and speaking parts. Some past productions include: “Compose Yourself” (a music about composers like Beethoven and Mozart), “Treasure Island” (a pirate musical about searching for treasures in the kingdom of God), and “Gotta Be Jazz” (a musical relating the story and history of jazz in America) to name a few.

Mr. Lybeck

Danny Lybeck started helping his wife direct the Fall theatre production of “Arsenic and Old Lace” in 2012. He was hired in Spring of 2013 as a substitute teacher and Assistant Theater Director. The following year, he took over our elementary-high school band program. Since then he has worked on and off as an Elementary music teacher in various areas of music, but has always directed the bands. In 2018, he added HS Computers, Drama class, and JH/HS Choir to his list of classes. This year, we are blessed to have Danny Lybeck as the performing arts director as he leads elementary music classes, elementary musicals, choir, and band programs. Mr. Lybeck has a BA in Liberal Arts with a concentration in English. He also has completed almost 50 units of college level music courses and is a certified music teacher through ACSI. We consider ourselves blessed to have Mr. Lybeck as the head of our music program.