Curriculum & Books

7th-8th Grade School Books

All 7th – 8th grade school books are handed out on Orientation day. The curriculum provided to the student is property of Calvary Murrieta Christian School and should be treated in the same manner that one would want their personal property treated.

You must return all curriculum to the school at the end of the school year.

Recommended Textbook Instructions

  • Take proper care of your textbook.
  • Do not write or highlight in your book.
  • Cover and protect your books. If it’s a hard-backed book, you may want to use a book sock, or cover it with brown paper. If it’s a soft-cover book, you can cover it with clear Contact paper or brown paper, but do not use a book sock – it will damage the book.
  • Books with missing covers or pages and/or books damaged by liquid will need to be replaced by the family.
  • Keep your books secure. Make sure your name is on the inside front cover of all your books. Keep your books locked in your locker or with you to avoid theft.
  • Lost books are not the responsibility of CMCS. Families need to replace books if they are lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair.