Jr. High Departments


  • Bible 7
Justin Fuller 834-9190 x1212
  • Bible 8
Justin Fuller 834-9190 x1212


  • English 7
Janell Ludwig 834-9190 x1213
  • English 8
Janell Ludwig 834-9190 x1213

The goal of the CMCS Language Arts program is for all students to be able to read actively with comprehension and discernment, and to write expressively with style and clarity. The process for getting students to that point involves reading, writing, speaking and listening, as well as accessing and using information through research. Reading focuses on fluency, comprehension, and appreciation of different genres, authors, time periods, and cultures in a variety of literary genres, including novels, short stories, plays, poetry, and non-fiction works. Students work throughout the year to systematically improve spelling, vocabulary, and grammar, with the end goal of using these skills appropriately in their writing. Writing focuses on expression through formal means such as essays, short stories, and poetry, and also more informal writing such as writing prompts and word play. Students will learn how to use different writing formats and platforms to express their ideas appropriately for each writing genre.


  • Algebra 1
Erica Lowery 834-9190 x1214
  • Pre-Algebra
Erica Lowery 834-9190 x1214

Welcome to the Calvary Murrieta Mathematics Department! Our department includes Pre-Algebra for 7th grade and Algebra 1 for 8th grade. We are devoted to the education of the students and are willing to go above and beyond the classroom time. Students will be consistently challenged in their math classes and the teacher will be there every step of the way to guide them. The math department’s desire is to train up young adults who have the necessary math skills to do anything they desire in their future and glorify God in all that they do.


  • Life Science
Erica Lowery 834-9190 x1214
  • Physical Science
Erica Lowery 834-9190 x1214

Welcome to the Calvary Murrieta Science Department!
Our department includes Life Science for 7th grade and Physical Science for 8th grade. Science is the study of the structure and order of the world created by God. Our science courses are designed to allow students the opportunity to learn more about their Creator, to recognize the evidence of His handiwork in all living things, and to evaluate the world through a Biblical lens.

Social Studies

  • U.S. History
Steve Singh 834-9190 x1215
  • World History
Steve Singh 834-9190 x1215

The Social Science program focuses on developing students who are both academically and spiritually-minded. Our junior high program continues to build upon the curriculum instituted in elementary years while expanding the student’s knowledge and critical thinking skills as they move forward into higher educational levels. Spiritual growth is fostered by showing how Christian values have consequences that have affected the course of history, emphasizing how God has a plan, and when we keep to His plan, He will bless the nation. Students are also instructed and expected to apply biblical knowledge to historical events within the History program.

Physical Education

  • PE
Justin Fuller 834-9190 x1212

The Physical Education program focuses on improving physical fitness and developing an understanding that physical activity provides opportunities for good health, enjoyment, challenges, and social interaction. Students will seek to develop social behavior in tune with the attitudes that Christ taught, while moving and interacting with others in physical activity settings. Students will learn to accept and care for their physical bodies as God’s creation, which is an act of spiritual worship (Romans 12:1). Students will be motivated to improve personal wellness as they understand that they are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit lives in them (1 Corinthians 3:16).

General Electives

  • Art
Brooke Willis 834-9190 x1211
  • ASB
Steve Singh  834-9190 x1215
  • Band
Danny Lybeck  834-9190 x1224
  • Spanish – Intro
Caity Tremayne 834-9190 x1257
  • Technology
Jen Wagner  834-9190 x1216
  • Yearbook
Brooke Willis 834-9190 x1211

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