And he told them, “Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone.” – Mark 16:15

Global Outreach Program

Students in the Global Outreach Program have impacted communities across the globe! Our students have served with our wonderful partners in Mexico, Belize, Haiti, Kosovo, Ukraine, The Philippines, Zambia, and here in the United States. GO teams teach English, run Vacation Bible Schools, work at summer camps, complete work projects, distribute humanitarian aid items, and most importantly, spread God’s love during outreaches. Our goal is to help all of our students, elementary and secondary, understand the command that God has given each one of us to proclaim His name throughout the nations and to care for those in need


This Year's Teams

Join us on a Mexico Day Trip! Five Saturdays this school year, we will be visiting an orphanage in La Gloria, Mexico called Colina De Luz. We leave early in the morning, to spend the day with the kids at Colina, playing games, making crafts, and having a blast. We return to the school between 7-9pm. If you would like to learn more about this, come get information in room 211.

Join us as we partner with Union Rescue Mission: La! Sept 29-30 and April 6-7 we will head down to Los Angeles, to serve alongside the worker of URM:LA. This outreach is an awesome opportunity to work in our local communities. We spend the night at their facility on Friday night and spend that Saturday helping them with whatever they might need that day. To learn more about joining this team come talk to Maddie or Kyla in room 211.

Come with us to New Castle Colorado. We go right before Thanksgiving week, and work alongside River Center, as they provide families with Thanksgiving meals and help people in their community prepare for winter. We’ll leave early in the morning on the 16th of November, to drive up to New Castle. and drive back on the 20th. Come talk to Kyla or Maddie in room 211 to learn more details.

We are going to Hinche, Haiti February 2018. Join us, as we partner with Haiti Endowment Fund. We will be teaching English at Maranatha Schools as well as working on various projects. For the last 6 years our school has had the blessing of working with HEF, and we love that they continue to host us. To learn more about this trip come visit Kyla or Maddie in room 211.

We are excited to introduce a new trip this year. Though our partnership with this organization is not new, this is the first time we will be staying for a long period of time, and we are thrilled about it. We will be joining the kids at Colina de Luz as they serve their community. To learn more about this trip come visit Maddie or Kyla in room 211.

This Summer we will be sending a team to Ukraine to serve with Mercy Projects. Each year Mercy Projects hosts camps for at risk children in Ukraine. We have the opportunity to partner with their camps as serve as counselors alongside their staff. To learn more about this trip, please visit Maddie or Kyla in room 211.

This summer we are excited to announce another new trip. We will be going to Bulgaria to serve alongside the Laster Family who work with Truth and Hope Foundation. We will be helping them with whatever summer outreaches they have planned for their summer. To learn more about this trip please visit Kyla or Maddie in room 211.

There is the opportunity to go on both the Ukraine and Bulgaria trip. After summer camp ends in Ukraine the crossover team will head over to meet the Bulgaria team. This will be a much longer trip but a very rewarding and exciting trip. To learn more about being on both teams, please visit Kyla or Maddie in room 211.

Team Testimonies


Hailey Davis (Junior):  [Colorado] really showed me that missions can play a big part in my Christian faith. When I was helping out in the churches I felt the Holy Spirit moving in me. When I was at the community Thanksgiving dinner, Lauren and I sat down with a cute older lady, Joni. We just enjoyed talking to her and getting to know her, and I feel like she saw what we were there for and really appreciated us and saw the Holy Spirit working in us.

Brandon Edwards (Senior): The outreach was a fun experience for me. It was nice to get out and help the community in Colorado. While there I built a family bond with everyone on the trip and when it was time to come home and go back to my daily routine, it was sad because it was like I was going my separate way from my family. Just as anything in life I had my trials. Day one of the trip I had to go back to the hotel because my sickness took a turn for the worst from the lack of hydration. Thanks to the help of Kyla, I was able to return to the hotel to rest and hydrate. I had to come to a decision to keep pushing through the sickness even if I was uncomfortable. After coming to that decision, my team came back for me and we went to make bibles. The next day we went to the park to help Nathan. That was my favorite experience because Nathan was a good example of a person with a great work ethic and a heart for the community. He was constructing a park for the communities use with no personal gain for himself. It was out of the kindness of his heart that he was doing it. One night at the hotel someone said that the lesson they had learned that day was to be more like Nathan. Overall it was a great trip with great people. I saw people when the were happy, tired, mad, and hungry, but we all came together during the day, and put our struggles to the side to reach a common goal. It was a life changing experience and I think it opened the door for me to go on more mission trips with our global outreach department.

Shane Paul (Senior): My favorite part of the trip was putting together bibles for a mission trip to Cape Verde, Africa. It was a new experience and was cool seeing everyone work together to make 20,000 books.

Misha Madden (Senior): I had a lot of fun and I learned a lot, like how to put bricks down and how to staple paper booklets. I had a lot of fun hanging out with everyone that went and I feel like we came closer together and showed who we are just by being tired or working hard. Talking to the mayor and learning about him and his wife and talking to the people I was able to talk to, was really eye opening. They all came from a nice place or they moved around a lot and that just made me realize that we will move around a lot just to do God’s work and to arrive at the place where God wants us to work. My favorite thing we did was probably stapling the booklets and racing Mr. Tiet while we stapled together. And my second favorite was putting the bricks down and joking about how cold it is and having fun even though we were freezing.

Lauren Argon (Senior): For this being my first missions trip it will probably stand out to me until I journey myself further into this lifestyle. I learned that the most important thing is that something should be impacted onto you during these days or weeks depending on how long you’re there in your location, it’s very important to serve but it’s amazing to receive something through this as well. I enjoy helping others and to serve for those in need in any shape or form. At first I went because all my friends were going but don’t just go because your friends you should try branching off to meet new people and maybe who knows you’ll see from a new pair of eyes through your relationship with God. Something that tug touched my heart was the sermon on anxiety and worry from Pastor Randy which spoke about on Sunday morning the day before we left. Randy goes on and says these key words/phrases, “Celebrate, Ask, Leave it there “let go and let God”, and meditate”. Anxiety has took a huge amount of my time & thought pattern due to stress from school and my life at home, but there shouldn’t be any worry because of course God has it all under control and as well the best intentions throughout these obstacles.  We can’t be hard on ourselves when these were the cards that have been given to us and we’ll have to learn somehow how to play with these cards as life goes on, of course with the guidance of Jesus. Basically Colorado was phenomenal for me and if you feel in your gut that you should try to go and explore a Mission trip then do it :). Trust your gut, don’t stress too much, and be happy.


Landon Manka (Sophomore): God showed me that there is a who new world outside of the U.S. We get so caught up in school and life that we start to only think local. The reason I want to come back is so I can take a step back and just have fun showing the joy of Christ. Sharing the gospel doesn’t just mean telling people about Jesus, it is about living our lives the way that God wants us to through peace, love, and joy. I loved learning creole from the kids at the compound and teaching them English. We found a connection through a language barrier and it was pretty awesome. It shows you how small things truly are and it showed me how I am so defined by society it’s crazy. This was an amazing trip, but I think instead of trying to think of all the ways to help them be more financially stable, we should just be there for these people and learn from them and their experiences. God has a plan for me and I hope I carry this trip with me for the rest of my life.  

Avery Lund (Freshman): I think that the largest impact this trip will have on my life is that is will be a reminder. A reminder of God’s love being for all people not matter their race, language, or age. If I only took one thing away from this trip, that would be it, because never have I seen such happy people in the same outfit everyday with no shoes. The reason for this happiness is the love of Jesus that is in their hearts. Serving the Haitian children has made the verse about serving the lease of these a reality. There is a different feeling that comes over you when the little girls are laughing hysterically and just that joyful noise makes you forget that your shoulder wants to fall apart from spinning it for so long. Overall, I’ve learned that God’s love has no limits and that I get to be a part of His plan by spreading that love. I can’t wait to go again, if I get the opportunity. 

Cassie Nick (Senior): On this trip God showed me that I don’t need to worry about every little detail but that if I trust Him, He will help me through whatever I’m doing. I think He also showed me that I have a heart for missions and helping those who aren’t as fortunate as us. God also showed me that the Haitian kids and us are very alike, besides speaking different languages and having different cultures. We both enjoy playing the same games, talking, and just being with each other. One of the best parts of the trip was riding in the bed of a truck and waving to all the little Haitian kids and seeing them smile! Overall, this was an amazing trip that I hope I can go again next year!  

Anna Weskamp (Junior): Going to Haiti taught me that I love being God’s hands and feet. I don’t think had a “huge come to Jesus life changing moment”, instead I think God wanted to teach me a lesson. God showed me how good I have it, and how selfish I am. I can be a really negative person, anytime the slightest things happen I ask, “Why me”. So, when my bag got lost, I got peed on by a baby or when little things would happen, I think it was God’s way of testing me. He showed me that even the starving people in poverty in Haiti still have faith in him and remain positive. We have so much in America and yet we still want more. But, in Haiti they were so incredibly thankful for even a protein bar, I hope someday to have faith like the Haitian people. Playing with the kids provided me with a type of joy I have never felt before, and I hope to return next year and grow even more. 

(Ramah Shirey: Senior) Although I’ve been on mission trips before, this one has to be my favorite. I had days where I felt close to God and felt his presences, and other days that were really hard. I had days where I was hands on sharing the gospel and others where I was just doing behind the scenes work. I had days I loved be in with my team and others where I wanted to be homes with my family. All of these days were helping me to realize that doing God’s work isn’t about feelings or who you’re with; its knowing that all of the little things count. As little as playing jump rope with the girls to actually sharing the gospel. Everything you did is planting a seed that God could use to impact that person’s life. When I was getting ready for this trip I was expecting it to change my life. I thought I would see something or God would show me something that would radically change my life, not when I got to Haiti god sowed me that I didn’t go on this trip to change my life, I went because God already radically changed my life. I want to tell as many people about in in hopes they will see and feel the life changing love of God. When it gets down to it mission trips aren’t about yourself at all. It’s answering God’s to share the gospel with others so that He may be glorified through it all.  

Hailey Soules (Freshman) Haiti is very different from America. The people there don’t have much; they live in shabby house and use whatever they can to support themselves. But, just because their way of life is different, doesn’t mean that our way of living is better. The Haitian are happy and grateful for the few things they have because they have the hope and love of Jesus. I feel like when we enter an impoverished country, our first thought is that they need our help to change their conditions and lifestyle. I came to Haiti expecting to help change people for the better but really they were the ones who changed me. The people were always so joyful and willing to help even when life was hard. The joy of Jesus shines through them, and I think I learned a lot from that. The children also taught me that life isn’t about me. I realized that serving God and helping others was so much for fulfilling that anything that I could try to obtain from myself. At every school that we taught at, and everywhere we went the kids all wanted to hold your hand and hug you and smile at you. I went to show them, and the amount of love I revived from them and from God was overwhelming.  


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