Jr. High Departments


  • Bible 7
Justin Fuller 834-9190 x1204
  • Bible 8
Justin Fuller 834-9190 x1204


  • English 7
Cathy Sissung 834-9190 x1208
  • English 8
Cathy Sissung 834-9190 x1208

The Language Arts program involves Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening, and Accessing and Using Information. The literature used in Middle school is based on classic novels, and the stories in the literature book cover a wide variety of genre. High school uses more traditional American and British classic literature. The Advanced placement classes use a wide variety of fiction and non- fiction books. Students are trained in critical reading and critical thinking skills. The writing components of all programs include analysis, essays, responses to literature, research reports, and a variety of narratives. This alignment encourages students to employ the language of writing as they develop their style, voice and competency.


  • Algebra 1
Donald Love 834-9190 x1210
  • Pre-Algebra
Donald Love 834-9190 x1210

Welcome to the Calvary Murrieta Mathematics Department! Our department is suited for every student; we offer courses starting from Math 3 all the way up to AP Calculus AB. Consumer math is also an option for students who desire to find out about every day math concepts such as: interest rates on loans, investing, taxes and personal banking skills. Our teachers are devoted to the education of the students and are willing to go above and beyond the classroom time. Students will be consistently challenged in their math classes and the teachers will be there every set of the way to guide them. The math department’s desire is to train up young adults who have the necessary math skills to do anything they desire in their future and glorify God in all that they do.


  • Life Science
Alesa Shifflett 834-9190 x1205
  • Physical Science
Alesa Shifflett 834-9190 x1205

Social Studies

  • U.S. History
Barbara Carnesecca 834-9190 x1209
  • World History
Barbara Carnesecca 834-9190 x1209

The Social Science program focuses on developing both academically and spiritually minded students. Our junior high and high school programs continue to build upon the curriculum instituted in previous years, while expanding the student’s knowledge and critical thinking skills as they move forward into higher educational levels. All levels of study in the history program are aligned to the State of California educational standards and graduating requirements. Spiritual growth is fostered by showing how Christian values have consequences that have affected the course of history. Emphasizing how God has a plan, and when we keep to His plan He will bless the nation. Students are also instructed and expected to apply biblical knowledge to historical events in all levels of study within the History program.

World Languages

  • ASL – Intro
 Dana Rhodes  834-9190
  • Spanish – Intro
Jim Pearson 834-9190 x1213

General Electives

  • Computer Intro
 Dana Rhodes 834-9190

Secondary Library